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Hello, my name is Isaac Benson Powell, and welcome to my website.  Here, you'll find information about...
  • A computer language I'm developing.
  • Videos of a robot I built.
  • A book I wrote.
  • The degradation of the 1st amendment.
  • My "time-delayed" software license.
Isaac Benson Powell
Contachit Screen Shot I'm developing a new computer language and an IDE, that allows you to both view and edit computer code in a flow-chart (or text editor if you prefer).

One way to think of this, is a "front-end" to C++.

The dedicated website for this is here: Contachit
In 2011, I constructed "Rocky", the line following robot... using guidance from a book I had purchased, but the antenna, eyes, and external lights were modifications I made to the book's design.

In Daylight (video)

Rocky demonstrates why I'm hesitant to drink the kool-aid, when it comes to "self-driving" automobiles.

In the Dark (video)

Rocky navigating in the dark.  The 3 lights on the top LHS/RHS, indicate which motor is currently active (that's why they are flickering on/off all the time).
Rocky, the line following robot.
Corruptocracy Do you ever get tired of all the bullshit, and just want to tell the world what you really think?  Well, that's exactly what I did!

Book's website is here: Corruptocracy
Ever wonder what Microsoft thinks of the First Amendment (AKA free speech)?  I found out they have a very interesting view of it when I tried to protest them in May of 2015, for various employment practices I disagreed with.

I was standing on a sidewalk that ran along a public road, peacefully protesting, and they had the police write me up a trespass warning letter, and if I protested them again on that sidewalk, I'd be thrown in jail.  Didn't realize I lived in the USSA.

Click here for all the details.
Microsoft Protest
Do you like open-source software, but wish there was a way to earn money developing it?

The IBP Time-Delayed Software License enables this by alternating between being "proprietary" and "open-source".  The main goal of the license, is to give developers [0..3] years to earn money from their hard work, but after that, they are required to release the source code for the binary version they had previously released.

Learn more about it here.
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